Editor’s Pick January UK/May US: A FULL COLD MOON by Lissa Marie Redmond

A FULL COLD MOON by Lissa Marie Redmond is January’s Editor’s Pick.

Since her partner on the Cold Case team has been out of action after being shot in the line of duty, Lauren Riley has been working Homicide. Her latest case involves an Icelandic man murdered on the streets of Buffalo mere feet from his hotel.

The brutality of the case hits Lauren hard. When she realizes the murder was committed on the night of a Full Cold Moon, it triggers memories of the first cold case she investigated which she’s been unable to solve.

Lauren is determined not to fail again but when she is involved in a shooting with a suspect, she finds the case may be taken out of her hands . . . especially when it gains attention from the Icelandic government.


Treat your characters like dirt. Hurt them. Make them go through hell. Treat them mean. That is what writers are told when starting out. From an editor’s point of view, and how I view building stories, when a character is taken out of their comfort zone and are hurting, that’s what makes things interesting. For me, I like stories where we see a clash of styles or attitudes when a character is in an unusual situation and facing hardships. The character is forced to adapt. Seeing how they react is where the drama and character development comes from.

That is why I took a liking to A FULL COLD MOON. Lauren Riley is in that position. After her partner was shot on duty in the previous entry in the series, Lauren now finds herself as his primary caregiver, all while working with a new team and partner.

Riley is accustomed to working with cold cases where the victims have long been dead, and as soon as Riley is called to an active crime scene she is struck by the brutality of it. It hits her emotionally. Therefore she is instantly dealing with something fresh and different and we witness the results.

Extra pain is thrown in when the case begins to resemble the first one she faced on the job – one she has never been able to solve. The emotional turmoil takes its toll and she begins to suffer the consequences. At this point she is called in front of her superiors and faces having the fresh case taken off her.

As you can see, Lauren is put through the ringer. This gives her the opportunity to develop and grow, and we get to see that. In the novel that is what you’ll see: a character pushed to their limits. But how will she react?

A FULL COLD MOON is out 31 January 2020 in the UK and 1 May 2020 in the US – with the eBook available everywhere from 1 March 2020. Read more here.

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