Find your perfect holiday read with our festive quiz!

The holiday season is in full swing (hooray!), and we firmly believe that no holiday is complete without a brilliant book to dive into. Take our festive quiz to find your perfect holiday read . . .

If you answered A:

Sandra Balzo’s coffeehouse mysteries are sure to add an extra shot of intrigue to your holiday season. Maggy Thorsen tries to do a good turn in MURDER A LA MOCHA by returning adorable Chihuahua Mocha to her owners, but a trip to their home leads to a terrible discovery… Brimming with credible suspects, dark motives, an adorable canine and plenty of irresistible coffee, this deliciously brewed mystery is the perfect read for all those needing a caffeine fix!

UK readers & US readers

If you answered B:

Bring on the razzle dazzle! Add a little sparkle and glamour to your holiday reading with the star-studded SCRIPT FOR SCANDAL. This page-turning Golden Age of Hollywood mystery follows sleuthing duo Lillian Frost and Edith Head as they investigate a behind-the-scenes scandal in 1930s Los Angeles. A new film is about to start shooting – but has the scriptwriter twisted fact with fiction a little too much? Curl up with the hottest, most scandalous story in town this festive period.

UK readers & US readers

If you answered C:

Culinary caterer Tish Tarragon is your (and our) food hero! In THE GARDEN CLUB MURDER, Tish pulls out all the stops for her English Secret Garden-themed luncheon for Coleton Creek’s annual garden club awards, but her plans are threatened when one of the prime contenders is murdered. Have the hotly contested awards brought out a murderous streak in one of the green-fingered residents? Spoil yourself over the holidays with this warm and witty cozy, full of tantalising twists and turns, deliciously juicy motives… and lots of cake!

UK readers & US readers

If you answered D:

Prepare to have your Xmas wish answered and go all starry-eyed with THE ALMANACK! Dark, deadly and delightful, this intricate historical mystery sees superstition, murder and the stars collide when Tabitha Hart teams up with the rakish Nat Starling to avenge her mother’s death. Can she solve a series of riddles and cryptic notes to unmask the identity of the mysterious ‘D’ and bring a killer to justice?

UK readers & US readers

Found your ideal holiday read? Enter our #bookgiveaway over on our twitter page for the chance to win it! Happy Holidays from Severn House x

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