Adrian Magson on cyber attacks and TERMINAL BLACK

Adrian Magson reveals how cyber attacks inspired his blistering new Harry Tate thriller, TERMINAL BLACK.

What we notice most in the news about hacking tends to be attacks against individuals, be it data and financial theft, cloning bank account and credit cards. Delving into research on this topic shows a reality on a much bigger scale and aimed at countries, with the potential for attacks on utilities, government facilities and national infrastructures. This has the real capability of affecting stock markets, commercial and financial stability, even the movement of people and goods. Fake news and rumour can be (has been) spread to cause disruption and uncertainty in politics and against individuals of influence.

In the end, what do you believe and who do you trust to be telling you the truth?

I had no interest in writing a story about hacking until a friend’s site was hacked. It wasn’t particularly malicious, more a nuisance and was soon blocked. But it set me thinking about the potential these people have to affect entire countries, whether as disgruntled individuals working alone at home, or gathered together for a mass attack at a singular, large target.

The idea kept nagging at me until the only way I could get it out of my head was to write the story… which is often how these things begin.

TERMINAL BLACK is out now in the UK and from 4 February in the US. Read more here.

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