Editor’s Pick October UK/February US: THE BLACK CAGE by Jack Fredrickson

This month’s Editor’s Pick is THE BLACK CAGE by Jack Fredrickson.

A serial killer on the loose. A man trying to right the wrongs of the past. And a black cage that comes in the night and won’t let go… THE BLACK CAGE is the unflinchingly dark, utterly compelling and brilliantly executed first in the new Milo Rigg mystery series from Shamus Award nominated author, Jack Fredrickson.

Milo Rigg is one of the most intriguing, complex yet astonishingly real characters I’ve come across for some time. Still grieving the death of his wife and the downward spiral of his career as a crime reporting journalist, Milo is tortured by his past and unable to find comfort, not even in his sleep. A mysterious black cage torments him each night – a cage that holds him in its steely grip and won’t let go.

But rather than give in to his demons, Milo is on a mission. Exposing a botched murder investigation may have left his reputation and career in tatters, but when the naked, frozen bodies of two young sisters, Priscilla and Beatrice Graves, are found down a ravine, there are disturbing similarities. Are the two cases linked, and could this be Milo’s chance to right the wrongs of the past?

Restored to his former reporter role, Milo is back – and he’s asking uncomfortable questions of the authorities again. Can Milo uncover the identity of a ruthless serial killer and finally rid himself of the black cage that threatens to consume him? 

As with Jack’s other mystery series featuring PI Dek Elstrom, the setting is ‘Windy City’ Chicago, now deep in the middle of winter, and the frozen, bleak landscape is the perfect backdrop to the chilling nature of both the crimes and Milo’s dreams. With nothing left to lose, and encountering deception and corruption at every turn, Milo’s determination to get to the bottom of the murders and unmask a predatory killer remains resolute, even when his own life is on the line. And as Milo digs deeper, he uncovers – quite literally – much more than he bargained for…

Can Milo survive? Will the truth out? I’d recommend THE BLACK CAGE to anyone who enjoys visceral, psychologically fascinating and sharply plotted mysteries full of twists and an edge-of-your-seat climax. In Milo Rigg, Fredrickson has created a uniquely individual but wholly relatable character who won’t let obstacles – or his own demons – stand in his way. I can’t wait to read the next in the series!

THE BLACK CAGE is out 31 October in the UK and 1 February in the US. Read more here.

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