Time to get cozy…

Got your slippers, a sofa and a hot brew ready? We select the best new cozy crime with killer twists coming to the States this autumn.

THE GARDEN CLUB MURDER by Amy Patricia Meade

“Cozy fans will have fun” Publishers Weekly

Tish Tarragon’s preparations for Coleton Creek’s annual garden club awards luncheon are threatened when one of the prime contenders is murdered.

Literary chef Tish Tarragon is preparing her English Secret Garden-themed luncheon for Coleton Creek’s annual garden club awards, but two days before the event one of the competitors is found dead in his pristine garden. After hearing that he was the favourite to win the top prize this year, Tish can’t help being drawn into the investigation…

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“This episode is graced by ingeniously drawn characters, deft timing of twists, and a to-die-for climax. A stunner.” Booklist Starred Review

Jude joins the Fethering community choir, where she discovers that at least one of her fellow choristers is hiding a deadly secret.

When Carole Seddon dutifully attends a former colleague’s funeral, she couldn’t have predicted that the deceased’s daughter would use the occasion to publicly accuse her stepmother of murder. Deciding to investigate, Carole’s neighbour Jude joins the Fethering community choir and discovers more than she bargained for.

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DEATH WITH DOSTOEVSKY by Katherine Bolger Hyde

“Lively… Campus hijinks and budding romances complement the satisfying fair-play plot” Publishers Weekly

Professor Emily Cavanaugh makes a horrific discovery while writing her book on Dostoevsky in the entertaining fourth Crime with the Classics cozy.

Professor Emily Cavanaugh is back at Bede College on her sabbatical, determined to finish writing her book on Dostoevsky. But as she starts gathering evidence about a predatory colleague, she has a disturbing flashback, and then makes a gruesome discovery… Can Emily catch a dangerous campus killer while also confronting events from her own past?

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TRAP LANE by Stella Cameron

“The plot full of twists and turns, the fleshed out characters and the setting create a gripping and entertaining story. Highly recommended!” NetGalley reviewer

The troubled past of the Black Dog’s manager returns to haunt him in the intriguing new Cotswold village mystery featuring pub owner Alex Duggins.

As the ever-reliable manager of her pub, Hugh Rhys has owner Alex Duggins’ total trust. So when a battered body is discovered in a pond near Hugh’s estate and he becomes the police’s chief suspect, Alex determines to prove his innocence. But she’s about to find herself walking a dangerous line, looking for a killer she may wish she had never found…

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“The delightful interplay between sleuth and suspects makes this an all-around winner” Kirkus Reviews

Frances Black leaves her domestic worries behind and travels to Devon to solve a family mystery featuring a suspicious death and a missing diamond.

In order to escape her domestic worries, Frances Black travels to Devon to help the Edgertons with their family mystery concerning a suspicious death and the disappearance of a precious diamond. As Fran investigates, she uncovers family scandal, skulduggery and revenge, but can she solve the mystery of the missing diamond?

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“This offbeat cozy, filled with laugh-out-loud humor, is distinguished by its numerous quirky characters” Booklist

The success of Magdalena Yoder’s new Amish-Asian restaurant is threatened by murder in the deliciously quirky new Pennsylvania-Dutch mystery.

Magdalena Yoder’s new Amish-Asian restaurant is not to everyone’s taste, but it is unanimously agreed that the desserts are to die for. Not literally however. When a guest at the PennDutch Inn drops dead shortly after consuming a slice of delicious Blitz torte, Magdalena finds herself arrested for murder…

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Island of Last Resorts (Marked for Retribution series Book 3) by [Ellis, Mary]


“Fast pacing, multiple points of view, and plot twists distinguish this eerie
mystery, with its strong, well-delineated cast of characters” Booklist

Private investigator Kate Weller knows her co-workers are in serious trouble when she is unable to reach them in the third enthralling Marked for Retribution mystery.

PI Kate Weller’s co-workers have been invited to an exclusive island retreat by Julian Frazier, a friend of a wealthy client. Frazier has written his own murder mystery script, and the PIs must work out whodunnit. But they discover that the murder Frazier wants them to solve is a real cold case, and there’s a killer twist that isn’t in the script…

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