#BookExtract: FALSE MOVE by Matt Hilton

false move

Ex-cop Aaron Lacey is on the run from Elite Custodian Services, who will stop at nothing to track him down. His daughter reaches out to her old schoolfriend, Tess Grey, for help, but when Tess’s mother urges her to stay away from Lacey, she begins to question why. Tess and Po need to figure out who can be trusted and what secrets they are hiding.

For cops (and ex-cops) like Aaron Lacey, death could be just around the corner – and sometimes it is . . . Check out this extract from Matt Hilton’s pacy and uncompromising new Tess & Po thriller! 

When he was a cop, Aaron Lacey regularly joked that if he knew where he was going to die, he’d damn well steer clear of the place. It was one of those throwaway remarks you made when engaged in a job where death was a possibility at any time, and usually earned him a snort of cynicism from folk who shared a similar outlook on their career choice. Alas, Lacey didn’t possess the power of precognition, no more than any of his colleagues did. Besides, most of the time they didn’t get a say on where their latest call took them, and sometimes the destination turned out to be their last. Mikey, Lacey’s best buddy despite their twenty-year age difference, and senior patrol partner for over seven years, sure as hell wouldn’t have chosen to die in the aisle of a convenience store, lying in a pool of spilled coffee and blood. If Lacey had his way, he sure as shit wasn’t about to perish lying among the weeds and trash of a vacant lot on the Boston side of the Neponset River either. Sadly, the odds for a quiet death in a comfortable bed, surrounded by his loved ones, were severely stacked against him . . .

FALSE MOVE is available from 31 Jan in the UK and 1 May in the US. Find out more here!


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