Happy New Year! New books and authors to watch out for in 2019…

New year

Happy New Year! We’re super excited to welcome 2019 and this cracking bunch of new authors and titles, coming soon! From astronomy and riddles to eerie graveyards, political storm clouds and 1950s New York, prepare to be puzzled, thrilled and unable to tear your eyes away from these tense and twisty new reads! Follow the links below for more details.

CURTAIN CALL by Graham Hurley

Actress Enora Andresson has a brain tumour that could kill her, she’s struggling with the wreckage of her marriage and has a strained relationship with her son. When investigative journalist Mitch Culligan appears on her doorstep, asking for her help, she is thrown into danger . . . and must confront her past while facing an uncertain future.

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Find out more about Graham.

THE ALMANACK by Martine Bailey

Following a summons from her mother, Tabitha departs London for her home village only to discover that her mother has drowned. Determined to uncover the truth of her death, Tabitha consults her almanack which reveals her mother’s terror of someone she names only as ‘D’. With time running out, will Tabitha bring her mother’s killer to justice?

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1967. Grieving the loss of her son, Cordelia Hemlock seeks out the company of the dead, taking comfort in the local churchyard. During a storm, she sees a corpse that doesn’t belong among the crumbling bones. Cordelia begins to investigate, but there are those who believe the village’s secrets should remain buried . . . whatever the cost.

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NIGHT WATCH by David C. Taylor

New York, 1956. Two bizarre deaths occur under suspicious circumstances. But before Detective Michael Cassidy can begin investigating these cases he is threatened by an unknown man, for reasons which are unclear. Are all three incidents connected? If so, will Cassidy live long enough to find out before his would-be assassin claims his life?

Read more here.

Find out more about David.



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