Brrr! Our favourite books to snuggle up with on a cold night


It’s cold outside, but we’re embracing roaring log fires, mulled wine, cozy jumpers, cherry bakewell mince pies (a revelation!) and this wonderful selection of chilly reads.

From an incredibly tense Christmas Eve to extraordinary voyages, Russia vs USA (in Alaska), picturesque English villages and Christie-inspired mysteries, check out our list of books to snuggle up with on an icy cold night.

WHIRLWIND by Hilary Norman

Liza Plain, a Boston-based journalist hoping for her big break, is dreading spending Christmas in Rhode Island, with her difficult grandfather – until news of the disappearance of a retired local priest triggers her realization that this could be linked to a series of unsolved, church-linked missing persons cases.

More details here.


Shortly after Lord Elsmere re-insures his favourite painting for a hefty price, it is stolen and with no sign of a break-in. Elsmere is known to be struggling financially, so is it a staged theft or has one of his guests taken it? Seething animosities, jealousy, secrets and deception are all found once PIs Langham and Ralph Ryland take on the case.

More details here.

THE ICE MAIDEN by Sara Sheridan

1842. Karina, disguised as a cabin boy, stows away on a British ship, but she is in for a nasty shock. As conditions worsen onboard, Karina and the crew tested to their limits. Then something extraordinary happens and Karina’s story becomes intertwined with some of the 20th century’s bravest Polar explorers.

More details here.

FOLLY by Stella Cameron

Following the breakdown of her marriage, Alex Duggins has returned to her picturesque home town in the Cotswolds in order to start afresh. But you can’t outrun the past, as Alex discovers, when she stumbles across a frosted corpse buried in the snow. The subsequent murder investigation threatens to unearth old secrets – including Alex’s own.

More details here.

CYANIDE WITH CHRISTIE by Katherine Bolger Hyde

Having finished transforming Windy Corner, the grand Victorian mansion she inherited from her great aunt, into a writers’ retreat, widowed literature professor Emily Cavanaugh is ready to receive her first set of guests. But her careful planning is thrown into disarray by the unexpected arrival of outrageous true-crime writer, Cruella Crime, whose unpardonably rude behaviour is causing great offence. As a ferocious ice storm rages outside, the guests entertain one another with a game of charades. But their revelries are brought to a sudden halt by the discovery of a body in one of the guest bedrooms. When it transpires the victim was poisoned, Emily decides to take a leaf out of the book of her favourite detective writer, Agatha Christie, and investigate. But as she pursues her enquiries, it becomes chillingly clear that she herself may have been the intended victim.

More details here.

MAN ON ICE by Humphrey Hawksley

Captain Rake Ozenna of the elite Eskimo Scouts unit and his fiancée, trauma surgeon Carrie Walker, are at his remote home island in the Bering Strait when Russian helicopters swarm in. As news breaks of a possible invasion, Ozenna realizes that the only way to save his Alaskan island community is to undertake a perilous mission across the ice.

More details here.





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