#BookExtract: A SUDDEN DEATH IN CYPRUS by Michael Grant

sudden death in cyprus

David Mitre is leading an uneventful life in Cyprus until he’s witness to a brutal murder. When the authorities start investigating, they find a common link between the victim and David . . . they’re both fugitives. Fighting his instincts to flee, David is embroiled in helping the FBI solve the case in the hope of getting them off his back permanently.




David Mitre is a fugitive facing an impossible decision in this fascinating new thriller. There are many thousands of fugitives out there. Two are about to turn up in the same place. One is going to die… Read a short extract below.

At any given moment there are about two hundred thousand fugitives from American justice and about forty thousand fugitives from Her Majesty’s justice, running free in the world. Two of those fugitives, one from each nation, were within fifty yards of each other on the beach a bit north of Paphos, on the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus.

One was about to die. The other was not.

I was the ‘not.’

A SUDDEN DEATH IN CYPRUS is available now in the UK and from 1 February in the US. Read more here.


Behind the Book: SWEET TASTE OF REVENGE by Mary Ellis

9780727888341Having had her memories rekindled during therapy, Kate is on a quest to clear her brother’s name for his part in a homicide sixteen years ago. Meanwhile. after a despised socialite is found dead aboard her luxury yacht, her daughter hires Kate to investigate. Will history come back to haunt both cases, or can Kate get to the bottom of them?



Sweet Taste of Revenge is the second gripping Marked for Retribution mystery featuring private investigator Kate Weller. Mary Ellis explains that Kate must return to where she grew up in northwest Florida to confront her troubled past…

I started my PI’s illustrious career in Savannah, then moved Kate Weller to Charleston to work her first real case in Hiding in Plain Sight. For Sweet Taste of Revenge, I decided it was time Kate faced the skeletons in her closet. Bringing my central character back to Pensacola to find the killer of a dead heiress forces her to deal with a mysterious enemy. Someone has been keeping tabs on her since the day her brother went to jail for murder. I loved setting this book in the Florida Panhandle, an area rich in contrasts: old and new; land and water, rich and poor. Kate moves between the luxurious beachfront home of her client, to the maximum security prison, home of her brother and thousands of dangerous inmates, to the pristine National Seashore, home to thousands of protected birds, back to the hardscrabble farm on a dusty country road where she’d been raised. My settings in Sweet Taste of Revenge become a study of contrasts in the Florida Panhandle. Being an adopted child myself, I loved taking Kate Weller on this journey as she discovers what the term ‘family’ truly means.

SWEET TASTE OF REVENGE is available now in the UK and from 1 February in the US. Read more here.