#BookExtract: A DEADLY TURN by Claire Booth

9780727888457A car crash leaves behind six dead teenagers and a shaken sheriff Hank Worth – he pulled them over and sent them away with just a warning minutes earlier. Hank suspects there is more to the crash, a feeling exacerbated when a body is discovered in one of the victim’s homes. Are Hank’s suspicions right, or is guilt playing tricks on his mind?


Branson county sheriff Hank Worth struggles to uncover the truth behind a fatal car crash in this absorbing mystery. Read an extract from the beginning of the novel below…

Hank didn’t know how long he knelt there before he forced himself to look up. It was so quiet. He was always amazed at how little sound the hydraulic jaws made. Larry wielded them with expert ease, snipping apart the car as if it were a tin can. Two other guys, communicating with only hand signals, started to peel back the roof. They concentrated on the section over the driver, who was the only one with even a remote chance of survival. Larry started on the door.

Within seconds, the red flannel shirt was visible and a gurney was wheeled close. Larry stepped back. Hank stopped breathing. The paramedics lifted slowly and carefully. But it didn’t matter. They called it as soon as the kid was on the gurney. He was dead, too. All six, dead.

Hank gulped in air and dropped his head. He stared at the dirt and tried to control his breathing. Then two running shoes appeared in front of him. They were too small and too pink to be Sam’s. Too small to be anybody’s but—

‘What exactly are you doing?’ said Sheila.

He looked up into the face of his chief deputy. Her jaw dropped and she took a step back.

‘Jesus, Hank. What the hell happened? Are you hurt?’

He shook his head. Why would she ask that? There was a car full of dead kids, and she was asking about him? He raised his hand to wave her away and saw the blood. Oh.

‘Stand up. Let me look at you.’ She peered up at his face and then whipped out a tissue. ‘Blow your nose,’ she ordered.

He obeyed. She eyed him with a mix of puzzlement and concern. It was not like him to lose his composure over an accident scene. He knew that. He knew a lot of things at the moment, none of which were helping him get a grip on himself.

A DEADLY TURN is available now in the UK and from 1 March 2019 in the US. Read more here.


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