Behind the author: PATRICIA MACDONALD


Heavily pregnant Dena Russell returns to her hometown after a whirlwind romance with Brian Riley, an old acquaintance. When Brian’s behaviour grows irrational and a battered body is found, Dena wonders if the father of her unborn child is a killer. Fearing for her and her baby’s life, Dena seeks refuge with another old friend, but how safe is she?


SAFE HAVEN is the 20th novel by Patricia MacDonald, an internationally-bestselling author of thrilling domestic suspense. Get to know her below…

The books you’ll always keep?
Luckily, my house has a library, so I keep all my books. I read my first Agatha Christie, Sad Cypress, when I was thirteen and visiting a friend on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. That book inspired me to read and, ultimately, to write mysteries.

5 books/albums/movies that changed your life?
Lucia Albanese’s recording of Madame Butterfly, my first opera. Thrilling.

Joni Mitchell’s album of Clouds, and all her subsequent albums, which provided a soundtrack for my youth.

Henry James, The American. Not my first, but a favorite book by an author who has always given me the greatest reading pleasure.

Women in Love, with Oliver Reed and Alan Bates. What a brilliant adaptation of a beloved book.

John le Carre’s The Honorable Schoolboy. Transporting. In those years, he defined what a spy novel could be.

A fun fact about you that fans might not know?
When I was a child of about four I was saved from drowning by a man in a passing boat. I can still see his face as he reached down to pull me aboard to safety.

When I was a middle-aged woman, I sat next to Prince Albert at a black tie dinner in Monaco. We had a delightful conversation. Both experiences were indelible, unique!

SAFE HAVEN is available from 30 November in the UK and from 1 March 2019 in the US. Read more here.



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