Did you Know? A DEADLY TURN by Claire Booth


A car crash leaves behind six dead teenagers and a shaken sheriff Hank Worth – he pulled them over and sent them away with just a warning minutes earlier. Hank suspects there is more to the crash, a feeling exacerbated when a body is discovered in one of the victim’s homes. Are Hank’s suspicions right, or is guilt playing tricks on his mind?


Sheriff Hank Worth of Branson County, Missouri, returns for his third case in A DEADLY TURN.  Claire Booth went to university in Missouri, which is when she became familiar with Branson, and tells us more about this real-life location…

Did you know that Branson – a town in the rural Ozark mountains of Missouri where my books are set – has only about 10,000 residents but hosts more than seven million visitors a year? The town was originally visited by people interested in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and fishing. There were also a few local live music shows. Over the years, those musicians were joined by out-of-town country music performers who built theaters in town. More and more entertainment choices brought more and more tourists to the area. Now Branson is both a small town and a booming tourist destination. I’ve fictionalized some things about the area in my books, but I’ve definitely kept this great dynamic – in this case, truth is better than fiction!

A DEADLY TURN is available from 30 November in the UK and from 1 March 2019 in the US. Read more here.


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