#BookExtract: PSYCHOTOPIA by R.N. Morris


PSYCHOTOPIA. Ready to play? Create your own psychopath, then deceive and manipulate, spreading mayhem and destruction to reach the next levels. It’s the computer game for our times. The amount of crazy in the world is increasing. Can Dr Arbus’s new machine identify psychopaths before it’s too late? And can love still win in this dark new world?


Described as ‘dark, dangerous and deranged’ by fellow author Mark Hill, PSYCHOTOPIA will draw you into a intensely compelling and terrifying dark new world. Dare to play? Read this book extract from Roger Morris’ contemporary dystopian novel.

To begin with, we pulled them in. Then there got to be so many of them we couldn’t keep up.

There were a number of theories as to what was causing it. Some people blamed it on the new breed of VR computer games that were coming out. But when you looked at the facts, that just didn’t hold up. No, games like Psychotopia and its ilk were one of the symptoms of whatever it was that was going on. Not the cause. The bad shit was already happening, way before that game got released.

Some said it was a disease. An epidemic. Psychodemic, the tabloids called it.

Some people blamed the MindNet. Said it had gone mad. And that the madness was affecting us all. But my view was the MindNet had always been mad.

Then Dr Arbus came forward with his theory and we realized it wasn’t computer games and it wasn’t an epidemic and it wasn’t the MindNet. It was something bigger. You might say worse. Much worse.

Once Arbus’s theory took hold, everyone started to panic big time.

PSYCHOTOPIA is available now in the UK and from 1 February in the US. Read more here.


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