Behind the Book: A DEADLY TURN by Claire Booth


A car crash leaves behind six dead teenagers and a shaken sheriff Hank Worth – he pulled them over and sent them away with just a warning minutes earlier. Hank suspects there is more to the crash, a feeling exacerbated when a body is discovered in one of the victim’s homes. Are Hank’s suspicions right, or is guilt playing tricks on his mind?


A Deadly Turn is the latest case for Hank Worth, the sheriff of Branson County, Missouri. Hank responds to a car crash out on a rural road, and has to figure out whether it was actually an accident or whether there was foul play. Hank and his family moved to the area only a year ago, and he’s still trying to figure out the competing small-town political interests, all of which have different reasons for wanting him to fail.

Why did Hank move to Branson in the first place?

Hank and his wife Maggie lived in Kansas City, a large metropolitan area where Hank was a police officer and Maggie was an emergency trauma physician. Their hectic swing-shift schedules made it impossible to find child care for their two small kids. So when Maggie’s mother dies of a heart attack and her father needs help, they decide that solving one family problem will also solve the other. They move in with Maggie’s father in Branson, and he takes over care of the children while Hank and Maggie are at work. It would be the perfect arrangement if only half the town wasn’t out to ruin his career.

Is this Hank’s first big Branson case?

Hank hasn’t had an easy time of it. Just a few months into his job, he had to coordinate the snowstorm rescue of dozens of tourists from a wrecked paddlewheel showboat. He did that, but on a last sweep of the huge boat, he found a murder victim in a private dining room. That case made him an enemy of a powerful local businessman and an obnoxious county commissioner. Then springtime brought two bodies in the Ozark backwoods. That investigation put Hank right in the middle of a generations-old family feud. People are starting to point out how the murder rate has skyrocketed since he came to town.

A DEADLY TURN is available from 30 November in the UK and from 1 March 2019 in the US. Read more here.


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