Did You Know? Sara Sheridan, author of THE ICE MAIDEN

ice maiden

1842. Karina, disguised as a cabin boy, stows away on a British ship, but she is in for a nasty shock. As conditions worsen on board, Karina and the crew tested to their limits. Then something extraordinary happens and Karina’s story becomes intertwined with some of the twentieth-century’s bravest Polar explorers.




We’re super excited to be publishing THE ICE MAIDEN – a chillingly good mystery with a shocking betrayal at its core, and the first novel by Sara Sheridan for Severn House! From tear-jerking films to beautifully scented perfumes, find out more about our new author.

Books for keeping:

Water Music by T C Boyle. It’s the book that made me want to write historical cos it’s so rambunctious. My (now) husband gave it to me. When Boyle came to the Edinburgh Book Festival I sat in the front row like a groupie. I think he’s phenomenally talented. I also love poetry. I think of it as ‘word heroin’ so my WB Yeats goes with me most places. I studied English at Trinity College Dublin so Yeats is big for me (as is Brendan Behan and JP Donleavy) I also love Satan by Jeremy Leven – it’s a huge American novel! I love it!

Life-changing films and books:

The Fifth Element (movie) cos it has everything – sci fi, comedy, action, romance. It’s the ultimate movie. Also District 19 because it made me cry. And Kingdom of Heaven because I am obsessed with crazy religious practices/beliefs and they don’t come crazier than the Crusades. Books-wise apart from Water Music (above) I also love The Star of the Sea by Joseph O’Connor cos he made me think about how to fake historical reality in different ways. Writers, huh?

Something you might not know . . .

I am obsessed with smells. I love smells. I founded a perfume company with my daughter because I am obsessed with smells. I am also a huge feminist. A big smelly feminist, that’s me.

What is your proudest achievement?

My daughter, of course! We run a company together – it’s a feminist perfume brand called REEK. Our first scent, DAMN REBEL BITCHES, has been featured in ELLE, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar in the last year and our second, WITCHES, is up for a perfume award at the moment.

THE ICE MAIDEN is available from 31 July in the UK and 1 November in the US. Read more here.


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