July US titles out today!


Cats, novelists, country houses, iconic women, politics, Victorian Leeds, mental turmoil, secret missions, nuns and royalty . . . These new reads out now in the States are bursting with intrigue!

murder1MURDER TAKES A TURN by Eric Brown

A weekend at the grand home of a successful novelist leads to murder in the new Langham & Dupré mystery. 

Langham’s literary agent, Charles Elder, receives a cryptic letter inviting him to spend the weekend at the Cornish home of successful novelist Denbigh Connaught. Accompanying Charles to Connaught House, Langham and his wife Maria discover that they are not the only guests. And when a body is discovered in Connaught’s study, dark secrets that haunt the past of each and every guest – including Charles Elder himself – are uncovered.

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tin godTHE TIN GOD by Chris Nickson

When Superintendent Tom Harper’s wife is threatened during an election campaign, the hunt for the attacker turns personal.

Standing for election as a Poor Law Guardian, Tom Harper’s wife Annabelle and the other female candidates have been receiving anonymous, threatening letters. The threats turn deadly with carefully-targeted explosions. The only clue Harper has is a scrap of paper containing a fragment from an old folk song. But what is its significance?

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red hand of furyTHE RED HAND OF FURY by R.N. Morris

A series of bizarre suicides leads Detective Inspector Silas Quinn to revisit his own troubled past . . .

June, 1914. Following three, seemingly unrelated suicides, DI Silas Quinn knows he must uncover the link between the three men if he is to discover what caused them to take their own lives. The one clue is a card each victim was carrying, depicting a crudely-drawn red hand. To find out what it means, Quinn must revisit his own dark history.

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sabotage in the secret


Can research chemist-sleuth Libby Clark uncover the traitor within in this gripping World War II mystery?   

May 1945. Harry S. Truman has become president, the Allied Forces are closing in on Berlin and the research scientists at the secret facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, are doing their bit to bring the war to a conclusion. But a campaign of small acts of sabotage convinces Libby that one of their number is deliberately trying to delay the mission. But when the pranks turn deadly, can Libby unmask the traitor within?

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daeth of a novice

DEATH OF A NOVICE by Cora Harrison

A young nun’s death raises disturbing questions in the compelling new Reverend Mother mystery.

When new young nun, Sister Gertrude, is found dead inside a wooden shed, the Reverend Mother delves into her background and finds some puzzling anomalies. Could there be a link between her death and the gunpowder explosion on Spike Island? The answers to this question and more must be found if the Reverend Mother is to catch a vicious murderer.

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cross my pathCROSS MY PATH by Clea Simon

Private Investigator Care is riding on the wave of success, but is she about to come crashing off?

Care’s reputation as a private investigator is growing. An elderly woman seeks Care’s help in finding out what happened to her brother. Blackie senses he’s met this woman before, sometime before he became a cat. But who is she – and what is their connection? At the same time, a dockworker asks Care to find a colleague who’s gone missing, and the investigation takes a disturbing new twist . . .

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queen's progressQUEEN’S PROGRESS by M J Trow

Kit Marlowe must make sure Queen Elizabeth’s royal progress goes to plan, but there are problems ahead.

May, 1591. Queen Elizabeth decides to embark on a Royal Progress, and Kit Marlowe is sent ahead to ensure all goes smoothly. But Marlowe’s mission is dogged by disaster with the discovery of bodies along the way. Are the incidents linked? Is there a conspiracy to sabotage the Queen’s Progress? To uncover the truth, Marlowe must come up with a fiendishly clever plan.

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