Behind the Book: NO SECOND CHANCES by Don Bruns


second chances

One of Quentin Archer’s fellow officers has been shot dead in broad daylight, in his own squad car. A random cop killing . . . or something more sinister? With no leads to go on, Archer turns to voodoo queen Solange Cordray for help. But is he prepared to take her advice?

As Archer uncovers some surprising facts about the dead man’s past, there is another murder. With the simmering racial tensions in the city threatening to escalate into outright violence, Archer begins to suspect there’s far more to Officer Leroy’s killing than he’d first supposed. Could it be part of a carefully-orchestrated plan of revenge . . .?


NO SECOND CHANCES is a wonderfully engaging mystery which, like the previous two titles in the Quentin Archer series, CASTING BONES and THRILL KILL, also reflects larger talking points in the news. Author Don Bruns explains the theme that runs through the series . . .

My three Quentin Archer novels are themed with what is called “ripped from the headlines” plots. Stories that reflect front page news. Kirkus says of NO SECOND CHANCES: “headline-driven paranoia.”

The first book, CASTING BONES, was written about the corrupt prison system in Louisiana. THRILL KILL involves human trafficking in The Big Easy, and NO SECOND CHANCES takes on the Black Lives Matter theme.

The murder of a white cop, followed by the shooting of an unarmed black burglar has all the elements of a race-induced hate crime. But what if it wasn’t? Whatever the reasons for civilians and police being gunned down, the numbers are growing. The headlines are becoming more gruesome and the stories more compelling.

Checking statistics for the first two months and eleven days of this year in the United States, the police have killed 195 civilians. Civilians have killed 21 law enforcement agents. It’s a staggering number of killings just seventy days into 2018. I think NO SECOND CHANCES speaks to that epidemic.

Find out more about the Quentin Archer mysteries here.





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