#AuthorTrivia – Hilary Bonner

I am thBonner Hilary - Coloure reigning  British Media Backgammon Champion!

Unfortunately, I must admit that there has only ever been just the one media championship competition – and that was 30 years ago. It was staged by Victor Lownes, the man behind those hedonistic Playboy clubs, in his rather different Chelsea club, Stocks.

I was then Showbusiness Editor of the Mail on Sunday. I beat a number of doyens of the British press, including the famous columnist and equally famous backgammon player Nigel Dempster, on my way to victory. My prize was entry to the Backgammon Championship of Great Britain – which I did not win!

I do, however, still play backgammon regularly.

As does my series detective DI David Vogel. He also compiles crosswords. And is very, very clever. I am quite confident that if I were able play Vogel at backgammon, I would lose horribly.

DI David Vogel features in Hilary’s forthcoming psychological thriller DEADLY DANCE, available 31 August in the UK and 1 December in the USA. Visit our website for more information.



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