#AuthorTrivia – Michael Jecks

morris3Michael Jecks is the author of the Medieval Knights Templar mystery series and the Bloody Mary mysteries featuring Jack BlackJack and in his spare time has a very pertinent hobby.

It involves jingling bells, waving hankies and clashing sticks. Yes, he is a Morris Man (light blue waistcoat left), but not just an occasional Morris Man, he has taken part in numerous events this summer and still has a few more coming up (details below). Why not go along to see him in action.

In one of his recent blogs he explained how he came to this very British tradition (let’s just say it involved beer).

morris1July 1 – South Brent Folk Event  10.30am-12 noon and 2.15pm-3.15pm

July 6 – Dance out with Dartmoor Border – 8pm-9pm

July 15 – Feast of St James, Tiverton Medieval Fair–  11.30am-3pm.

August 6 – Sidmouth Sunday – 10.30am-3pm



Morris Dancing (possibly derived from Moorish dancing) was first recorded in Britain in the mid-15th Century and so around the time of the start of the Tudor period.

The latest Bloody Mary Tudor mystery, A MURDER TOO SOON, is available to order now in the UK and will be available in ebook on 1 September.



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