Editor’s Pick – The Price of Silence by Dolores Gordon-Smith

9780727887269_FC.jpgThe Editor’s Pick from our July titles has been selected by Holly Domney.

THE PRICE OF SILENCE is the second espionage thriller that follows the adventures of British, secret agent Anthony Brookes. Set in the turbulent time of World War One, Dolores Gordon-Smith’s charming hero navigates London’s backstreets to pursue a murderous, mercenary gang. But little does he know that, to foil their ruthless plans, he would find himself crawling under the Dead Wire to sneak behind enemy lines in German-occupied Belgium.

The story follows the gang’s plans to kidnap a little girl from a Belgian convent and Anthony finds himself in the race to reach Milly before they do. But, even if he can save her, readers and characters alike are left questioning what possible use an orphan girl could be to a violent gang?

Against the backdrop of devastated wartime Belgium and the sinister plans of the gang, Anthony’s quick thinking, fortitude and ingenious disguises provide comic relief, as he attempts to deceive brutal German guards, break into the convent and rescue the helpless child.

And, in this sequel, Anthony is not alone. Gordon-Smith’s new leading lady, Tara Brookes, is just as fearless and intuitive as her husband and the welcome reappearance of old friend and colleague, Charles Talbot, means that THE PRICE OF SILENCE has a marvellous, mystery-cracking trio to unpick the secrecy that has already led to so much murder.

I would recommend THE PRICE OF SILENCE to anyone who wants a complex storyline, to be blind sighted by plot twists and relish the suspense of a constant race against time for the good guys to overcome the villains. With plenty of period flavour and a vivid evocation of wartime Britain and Belgium this would appeal to lovers of historical mysteries too.

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