Did You Know . . . this about forensic science?

9780727887023Our latest interesting fact was submitted by Jo Bannister, author of Other Countries featuring PC Hazel Best and Gabriel Ash. 

A record of where you’ve lived at different points in your life is immortalised in your teeth and hair. Analysis of the relative proportions of particular elements, especially strontium and oxygen, can be compared with a geological map of the world and pin-point quite accurately where you drank the water and absorbed the minerals?

It’s a technique useful not only to forensic scientists but also to archaeologists, which is how Hazel Best came to hear about it from her friend David Sperrin (“Perfect Sins”),  and how she was able to prove (“Desperate Measures”) that Gabriel Ash’s sons were not held hostage in Somalia.

Other Countries is available now in print and will be released in eBook on 1 June.


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