Behind the Book – I Wish You Missed Me by Bonnie Hearn Hill

9780727886798As true crime blogger Kit Doyle tries to find her missing friend in I Wish You Missed Me, she encounters an off-the-grid community in Northern California. Why would anyone choose to live that way today?

Here are some facts that influenced the writing of this fiction.

  • When an Oregon woman’s car caught fire at a gas station, onlookers filmed it, and the nineteen-year-old who rescued her was hailed as a hero while insisting he just did what people are supposed to do.
  • After an Ohio teen was killed in an auto accident, a man videotaped his death and put it on social media. (He was ultimately arrested when officers traced him via his post).
  • A California woman was driving her two children home from a doctor’s appointment when she attempted to avoid a big-rig truck that veered into her lane, and her van flipped over into the path of oncoming traffic. When she regained her bearings and tried to get her children out of the van, a Good Samaritan who had spotted her jumped over the median, and with the help of two other men rescued the family. As the men pulled the mother from her mangled vehicle, someone else who had been watching the scene shoved a cellphone in her face to record what had nearly robbed her and her children of their lives.

Who is the enemy here? What is the enemy? Social media? The callousness that develops from witnessing countless acts of violence from an electronic distance?

These are the questions that led novelist Bonnie Hearn Hill to research off-the-grid communities whose members have given up what many consider modern conveniences. Yes, there’s a price to pay for living anonymously and free of technology. I Wish You Missed Me explores those who are drawn to such a life, some in search of healing and others desperate to hide from the past.

I WISH YOU MISSED ME is the third title in the Kit Doyle mystery series. Visit our website for information on all three titles.


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