Did You Know. . . this about Dover Castle?

Our latest ‘Did You Know’ article was submitted by Alys Clare, author of the Aelf Fen and Hawkenlye medieval mystery series.

Dover Castle, which King John’s loyal followers defended for so long against Prince Louis’s siege, was built on a spectacular site on top of the White Cliffs, overlooking the Channel. There was probably an Iron Age hill fort here, and the Romans weren’t slow to see its merits, constructing a lighthouse soon after the invasion of AD43.

TheDover Castle.jpg castle has been called ‘The Lock and Key of England’, and its strategic position has ensured its importance in two world wars: it was the first place to be bombed in World War I (on Christmas Eve 1914) and, a quarter of a century later, the evacuation of Dunkirk – Operation Dynamo – was organised from the secret tunnels beneath the fortifications.

Also controlled from Dover Castle was the lesser-known Operation Fortitude, the decoy ‘invasion’ sent across the Channel on 5th June 1944 consisting of motor launches, balloons and reflectors and designed to divert attention and German military muscle from the real invasion – Operation Overlord – about to happen further west on the Normandy beaches.

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