Behind the book – A Little Death by A.J. Cross

9780727887009I don’t actively seek out the research for a plot, because I know a lot of what is relevant from my two decades as a forensic psychologist, although I do check it to ensure that it is as relevant as I think – or hope! Knowing a fair bit about a subject has its benefits, but also its drawbacks: you need to be careful not to dump a lot of unnecessary information on the reader, yet at the same time the inner forensic psychologist is thinking ‘Hey, all of this is relevant!’ So there’s inevitably a compromise between including just enough information to be accurate or ‘real’ and whittling away a lot and hoping that other professionals in my line of work will realize that that’s what I’m doing.

As a forensic psychologist I’ve met with a lot of people who are in trouble and who have told me about themselves, their lives and the things they’ve done: much of it sad, a lot of it very bad. Of course, I can’t use any of that information in my writing because it is highly confidential yet its value for me as a writer is that it kick-starts my imagination and my thinking.  Without it, I would need to work even harder than I do to construct plots and dialogue.  Not being a deviant person (any more than the next crime fiction author!), I think I would find it really difficult to invent deviance which comes off the page as both chilling and real. I see what I’ve learned from my professional work as gold dust in terms of my writing.

“A gripping, suspenseful, cleverly plotted story with plenty of unusual twists and a smart, independent heroine” Booklist

“Those who love to shuffle the pieces of a puzzle, eagerly anticipating that aha moment when the solution is revealed, will relish British author Cross’s third mystery featuring forensic psychologist Dr. Kate Hanson” Publishers Weekly

Available now in hardcover or to pre-order in eBook.


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