Books I’ll always keep – Chris Collett

c-collettThere are several books that will always have space on my bookshelves. Katie Country Mouse to the Rescue was one of the first books ever read to me, by my maternal grandmother, and my first taste of what a thrilling adventure books could be. From that I graduated to Enid Blyton and then in my late teens, Alistair McLean.

When I moved to Birmingham in the early 1980s, the horror of the IRA pub bombings, in which 21 people lost their lives, was still fresh in people’s minds. My husband and many of the people I became friends with, had been touched by that night in November 1974. Chris Mullin’s book Error of Judgement exposed the subsequent wrongful convictions of the six Irish men indicted for the atrocity, had a profound impact on me. The event is made reference to in the DI Mariner series, and is likely to be central to a future book.

A Good Death,the latest Tom Mariner mystery, is available now and the eBook will be released on 1 February 2017.






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