Editor’s Pick – Betrayed

Kate Lyall Grant has selected the Editor’s pick from our December titles.

9780727886811.jpgBETRAYED is the third cunningly-plotted tale of identity and suspense to feature computer hacker Tina Adler, a woman who has spent the past sixteen years on the run, keeping under the radar from those who would seek to destroy her. Understandably paranoid, the computer-obsessed Tina makes for a strong and unusual narrative voice; her solitary, hunted existence ensuring that she’s so savvy in some ways, yet so naïve in others (she has no idea how to order an Uber cab, for example). She never truly knows whom or what to believe.  I particularly liked the complex, ambiguous central relationship between Tina and her old flame, FBI agent Zeke Chapman, which underpins the novel, neither of them able to resist the strong sexual attraction and emotional connection between them, yet at the same time neither able to fully trust one another.

As with her previous novels, HIDDEN and SHADOWED, Karen Olson succeeds in making the murky world of cyber-crime and cyber-stalking both thrilling, action-packed and accessible, as Tina and Zeke embark on a complex, cat-and-mouse game with an unknown, invisible enemy.  With its plentiful twists and turns, unexpected revelations and cliffhanger chapter endings, BETRAYED kept me gripped throughout, keeping me guessing until the real enemy within is finally exposed (a twist which I hadn’t seen coming at all).

For more information on Karen E. Olson and the ‘Black Hat Thriller Series’ visit our website.




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