Did You Know…why Hannah Point is considered one of the most fragile of all Antarctic tourist landing sites?

9780727886392Simon Beaufort’s new thriller, The Killing Ship, is published this month.  It tells the story of how a group of Antarctic scientists and their students – finishing a season at a remote field camp – come into conflict with several ships not only engaging in illegal whaling, but in even more insidious and dangerous activities.

As they flee across the icy terrain, they are pursued unrelentingly by ruthless killers whose true reasons for being in the Antarctic are darker and more dangerous than they can ever have imagined…

The story grew from the authors’ experiences at just such an Antarctic camp and from the Antarctic scientific and political communities’ struggles against a variety of illegal activities in the Antarctic.

Hannah Point is considered one of the most fragile of all Antarctic tourist landing sites. Once heaving with three (or occasionally four) breeds of penguins, hundreds of elephant seals, and many other kinds of species, its numbers have dropped dramatically during the past two decades. As a result, the organisation that oversees Antarctic tourism has limited the number of landings that can be made there.

Simon Beaufort is the pseudonym of a husband and wife writing team Beau Riffenberg and Liz Cruwys. Beau is a historian, specialising in the history of exploration, and has published a number of books on popular history. Liz Cruwys is a former police officer-turned marine biologist, specialising in environmental contamination in the polar regions. She also writes under the pseudonym Susanna Gregory.

Praise for The Killing Ship:

“The eight members of a scientific expedition run into trouble on Livingston Island off Antarctica in this engrossing thriller…Beaufort carefully crafts the personality of each team member, while the action-packed plot builds to a shocking crescendo.”  Publishers Weekly   

For further information about Simon Beaufort and The Killing Ship please visit our website here.


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