Did you know this about… St. Francisville, Louisiana?

CS Harris, on the background to Goobackground-image-1d Time Coming, her forthcoming saga set during the American Civil War.

Did you know that St. Francisville, Louisiana, was the capital of an independent nation known as the Republic of West Florida in 1810? Located not in Florida but in the upper part of Louisiana’s “toe,” this area was not included in the Louisiana Purchase and was inhabited largely by Tories who’d fled the United States after the Revolution.

Not eager to become part of the US, they set up their own nation complete with an elected governor and legislature. The fledgling state lasted just three months before being conquered by American troops and forcefully annexed. Bubackground-image-4t the eight parishes involved – “parishes” are Louisiana’s name for the civil districts known elsewhere as “counties” -have ever since been known as “the Florida Parishes.” And fifty years after the Republic was overrun, its flag was hoisted again as the Confederacy’s “Bonny Blue Flag.”

Praise for C. S. Harris:

“Harris tells a powerful story of war’s destruction of property, people, hopes, and morals during the Civil War in Louisiana. This is top-notch historical fiction, thoroughly researched and vividly presented, revealing the Civil War in all its brutality. This is an excellent story, full of suspense and historical detail”
Publishers Weekly on Good Time Coming

Good Time Coming is out now in hardback in the UK, and will be published in the US beginning December in hardback and eBook.

For further information on CS Harris, please visit our website here.



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