Behind the Book – Renting Silence

9780727886538Can 1920s script girl Jessie do Mary Pickford’s bidding and uncover a real killer? 

Author Mary Miley on her Roaring Twenties series

The Roaring Twenties – a decade that careered from the heights of vaudeville and silent film to the depths of Prohibition. A time when gangsters, flappers, bootleggers and jazz musicians came right into the parlor courtesy of a new invention called radio. The moment when women declared their independence at the ballot box, raised their hems, flattened their chests, bobbed their hair, slurped bathtub gin and shimmied late into the night.

The star of the Roaring Twenties mystery series is Jessie, a savvy young performer who occasionally finds herself on the wrong side of the law. Skills honed during years on the stage – her intuitive acting abilities, exceptional memory, flair for improvisation, knack for reading subtle cues and a national network of vaudeville friends – are key to her sleuthing success as she moves between the Big Time circuits and the silent film studios of Hollywood.

The Impersonator introduces Jessie, an orphaned vaudeville player loaded with stage talent but lacking home, family and even a name of her own. Down on her luck, she agrees to take part in an inheritance scam, impersonating a long lost heiress for a cut of the fortune. The charade convinces everyone—except the one person who knows what really happened to the heiress and now must kill the impostor. In Silent Murders, Jessie moves to Hollywood for a job in the silent movie industry where she is caught up in the deaths of a prominent film director, an aging actor, and a beautiful ingénue. In book three, Renting Silence, Jessie is asked to investigate a murder that has already been solved. The execution of the convicted killer, a silent film actress, is just weeks away unless Jessie can uncover proof of her innocence. The stories take place against a backdrop of violence, hypocrisy and corruption never before experienced in America.

Mary Miley grew up in Pennsylvania, Illinois and France. She worked her way through the College of William and Mary in Virginia as a costumed tour guide at Colonial Williamsburg. As Mary Miley Theobald, she has published numerous nonfiction books and articles on history, travel and business topics.

Praise for Mary Miley and her Roaring Twenties series:

Compelling characters, an engaging story line, and a heroine with lots of moxie make this a thoroughly enjoyable readBooklist on The Impersonator

The story is engrossing, the characters satisfyingly larger than lifePublishers Weekly on The Impersonator

Readers who enjoy Jacqueline Winspear and Carola Dunn will want to follow this seriesBooklist on Silent Murders

For further information on Mary Miley, please visit our website here.   @marymileytheo



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