Behind the Book…with Jim Eldridge

Jim Eldridge tells us about his new British mystery series.

is set in Britain in 1921, the turbulent time soon after the end of World War 1 (“the war to end all wars”). Negotiations are under way in London between the British Government and the fledgling Irish Revolutionary Government to settle the long war between the British and the IRA, in the IRA’s quest for independence for Ireland. Michael Collins, the l9781780290881egendary charismatic Irish leader is leading the Irish delegation at the talks, but Collins has dangerous enemies inside his own Party.

At this time there is social turmoil in Britain: men have returned from the carnage of trench warfare, wounded, disabled, bitter and angry at being thrown on the scrapheap; poverty eats through the lower classes while the aristocracy flourish. So, shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1918, there is serious danger of the same happening in Britain.

Against this turbulent background, DCI Paul Stark investigates the assassination of the bullying aristocratic Lord Amersham, and uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the whole fabric of British society.

Stark, a decorated hero, still recovering from his four years at war, has his own problems: a widower with a young son, he is also seen as a suspected revolutionary by Special Branch because of his sympathies for the underprivileged and his Irish roots.

JIM ELDRIDGE has had 95 books published, for children and young adults, which have sold over 3 million copies.  He is also a radio, TV and movie scriptwriter who has had 250 TV scripts broadcast in the UK and internationally.  He lives in Kent, UK.

Praise for Jim Eldridge:

Boys will devour the testosterone-filled, nonstop action and page-turning suspense of this cinematic-like read” Library Journal on Jungle Kill

“Sure to grab readers who hope for action in their fiction” Booklist on Jungle Kill

For further information about ASSASSINS please visit our website here.




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