Did You Know this about DNA tests..?

9780727886262By Pauline Rowson, author of Dangerous Cargo, the second title in her Art Marvik series featuring the former marine commando, published in eBook and in the US on 1 September 2016.

Did you know that in England a DNA test taken by the police usually takes 5 days for the results to come through?  Not quite what you see on the television or read in crime fiction where the results can be portrayed as almost instantaneous – still we are allowed to bend the rules occasionally, after all it is fiction! (I have been told though that DNA tests can be fast-tracked as can fingerprints).

And did you know that somewhere in England (the location is a secret) there is a very large forensic archive storage warehouse where all the evidence which has been collected on cases solved, unsolved and unresolved are held.  Let’s hope there is never a fire!

Pauline Rowson is the author of the critically-acclaimed marine mystery series featuring DI Andy Horton, as well as several stand-alone thrillers and one previous Art Marvik thriller, Silent Running.  Pauline’s novels are set in the area in which she lives, Hayling Island and Portsmouth. Before becoming a full-time writer she ran a Marketing and Training company.

A tense, terrifying thrill ride that twists and turns with dizzying speed, combined with a likable, smart, tough, but all too human hero, make this a cracking-good new series”                                                               Booklist on Silent Running

                                                                             “Action-packed”                                                                                           Kirkus Reviews on Silent Running

For further information about Pauline Rowson and Dangerous Cargo, please visit our website here.


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