Behind the Book

FOREIGN BODIES by David Wishart

Summer, AD 42, and Marcus Corvinus is all geared up for a trip to the Alban Hills when the Emperor Claudius steps in to alter his holiday arrangements. Not Latium. Gaul. And it won’t be a holiday, either; Claudius wants him to investigate a murder.

9781780290805The victim is one of the imperial clients, Tiberius Claudius Cabirus, a wine merchant based in Lugdunum, stabbed through the heart as he was taking his afternoon nap in the family’s summerhouse. For a city boy like Corvinus, the prospect of a jaunt out in the sticks lasting several months doesn’t exactly appeal, even with his wife Perilla and major-domo Bathyllus in tow, but at least there are out-of-the-ordinary compensations: as Claudius’s personal rep., official clout in spades, first-class travel and accommodation, and a no-arguments-from-anyone freedom to conduct the investigation in any way he likes. Bliss. On the other hand, there is the drawback of a travelling companion he can’t seem to shake off, a clean-living doctor with perfect teeth and pecs and definite designs on Perilla’s virtue which, Corvinus suspects, aren’t exactly unwelcomed. The fact that Lucius Domitius Crinas has convinced the lady of the need for Corvinus to cut down drastically on the booze doesn’t help much, either.

Then, when things start to become political, the investigation takes on a whole new – and much more sinister – shape . . .

David Wishart studied Classics at Edinburgh University and spent several years teaching Latin and Greek in schools.  He now teaches part-time at the University of Dundee and is the author of seventeen previous novels in the Marcus Corvinus series.

Praise for David Wishart:

“Excellent characterization and period setting . . . Fans will greet this new Corvinus novel with open arms” Booklist on Solid Citizens

“An intricate plot, lively dialog, humor and plenty of colorful historical details bring Ancient Rome vividly to life. This thoroughly enjoyable mystery is bound to keep Lindsey Davis fans entertained” Library Journal on Finished Business

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