Author trivia – Cora Harrison

“As a child I missed school from the age of about seven until I was fifteen, due to continual attacks of pneumonia, pleurisy, chronic bronchitis, asthma and rheumatic fever. I don’t think it did my education much harm as the house was full of Victorian novels and, by the time I was ten, I had read every word of Dickens, Trollope, and Thackeray etc. – some books again and again. And once, when suffering great pain from pneumonia, I taught myself Latin from the hospital nurse/nun’s prayer book! I do find it extraordinary, though, that no one thought of providing me with a teacher.”

Cora Harrison is the author of the Reverend Mother Mysteries set in Cork in the 1920s. The most recent entry in this series is A SHOCKING ASSASSINATION. She has also written thirteen titles in the Burren Mysteries, set in 15th Century Ireland; most recently A FATAL INHERITANCE


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