Editor’s Pick – The Killing Ship

9780727886392Our Editor’s Pick for July has been chosen by Emma Sudderick, who selected Simon Beaufort’s THE KILLING SHIP. 

This month we are very excited to introduce the new title from Simon Beaufort, THE KILLING SHIP. Best known for the Sir Geoffrey Mappestone medieval mysteries, Simon Beaufort’s (pseudonym for Susanna Gregory and Beau Riffenburgh) latest title is a departure from historical murders.

Instead, we are transported to the Antarctic, where a group of environmental scientists find their research expedition disrupted by illegal whalers. When they are spotted by the whaling vessel, the scientists fall under attack. As they scale the volatile terrain, overcoming the dangers of the extreme environment, they discover a far more sinister reason behind the vessel’s unusual movements, one which the hostile crew are very willing to kill for.

A true psychological thriller, with heart-thumping moments of pure fear, it handles important themes of environmental preservation and juggles it with the chilling elements of a survival novel. If you want an edge-of-seat thriller packed with action and suspense this summer, I’d definitely recommend this.

Author background

About the author Upon leaving the police force, Susanna Gregory  conducted post-graduate studies at the University of Durham before earning a PhD at the University of Cambridge. Her primary post-doctoral research investigated environmental contamination in the world’s seal population by looking at the build-up of pollutants – particularly heavy metals – in the teeth and bones of different seal species. She has also done fieldwork with whales and walruses, and has spent seventeen field seasons working with marine mammals in the Arctic or Antarctic, as well as many years lecturing on Antarctic tourist ships. At the undergraduate and graduate level, she has taught and supervised research in comparative anatomy and biological anthropology. She has also served as an environmental consultant, including working on the Greenpeace Climate Change Database.

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