Editor’s Pick – Casting Bones

9780727886361Kate Lyall Grant has selected June’s Editor’s Pick. We hope you enjoy it.

We are delighted to welcome USA Today bestselling author Don Bruns to Severn House with CASTING BONES, the first in a brand-new series of atmospheric mysteries set in that most exotic of all American cities: New Orleans. Having left his native Detroit under something of a cloud, the homicide detective protagonist, Quentin Archer, arrives in the city to be thrown straight into a high-profile murder investigation when the body of a prominent New Orleans judge is found floating in the Mississippi. Archer’s enquiries lead him into a sinister world of darkness and mysticism which underpins the carefree atmosphere of the Big Easy – but it’s only when he meets beautiful young voodoo queen Solange Cordray that he begins to find the answers.

A pacy and compelling read, with its cunningly planted clues and nicely-balanced juxtapositioning between Solange’s voodoo mysticism and Archer’s more conventional dogged detective work, what makes this police procedural stand out, I think, is the richly atmospheric backdrop of New Orleans, still suffering the toxic fallout from Hurricane Katrina. Bruns succeeds in bringing the city vividly to life in all its edgy, dangerous, sleazy, corrupt, racially-tense and intoxicating glory – and the inevitable culture clash between the conscientious, by-the-book, Detroit-trained Archer and his new partner Adam Strand, who brings his more relaxed, bend-the-rules ‘Big Easy’ attitude to the investigation ensures that sparks fly throughout. Highly recommended!

Reviewers, Booksellers and Librarians can request a review copy now from NetGalley.


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