Competition – Pauline Rowson

In celebration of Portsmouth International Port’s 40th anniversary here is the chance to win signed copies of two of the latest crime novels by Pauline Rowson.  Why not delve into the adventures of DI Andy Horton in Fatal Catch and marine investigator, Art Marvik in Dangerous Cargo. Great reading and an excellent addition to any ferry or cruise trip.

Entries must be received by 30 June 2016. Only one entry per person.

Click here to enter the competition.

Good luck.

The Portsmouth International Port features in the DI Andy Horton crime novels where it is referred to as either the Commercial Ferry Port or the Continental Ferry Port, before it was re-branded to reflect its burgeoning operations. Owned and operated by Portsmouth City Council, the Port has grown extensively since its formation in 1976 when initially it offered  just one route to France from a small section of reclaimed harbour front. Now it is known as Britain’s Best Connected Port with more destinations than any  other UK Port. The  Port is also a key destination for fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the  world.

You can also read the article about crime author Pauline Rowson on the Portsmouth International Port’s website.

Pauline Rowson, with Art Marvik Crime Novel, Dangerous Cargo and Geest Line's MV Benguela Stream - picture Malcolm Wells

Picture: Malcolm Wells


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