New York thrillers – Solomita style

If you are looking for gritty, New York City thrillers, then look no further than Stephen Solomita. All of these titles are currently available as discounted eBooks, so why not treat yourself to some good old-fashioned NYC mayhem?

9780727866349Monkey in the Middle (2008)

Macy’s, New York, five days before Christmas.

When a known mobster is hit while shopping in Macy’s, its Lieutenant Solly Epstein’s job to make sure the press don’t link the murder to those of three other members of Paulie Margarine Marginella’s crew. As rival gangs are implicated and the hitman no longer seems under anyone’s control, the winner will take it all. But with everybody seemingly double-crossing everybody else, who will that be?

Kirkus Reviews: “When he’s on form, as he is here, Solomita does hard-boiled noir with the best of them.”

Booklist: “Packed with action and violence, filled with byzantine twists, and overlaid with a sinister melancholy, Solomita’s hard-edged cops-versus-gangsters saga makes for gripping reading.”

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9780727867216Cracker Bling (2008)

Nineteen-year-old Hootie has been in trouble all his life. An outsider, his father was Crow Indian; his mother is black; but Hootie is neither black, nor white, nor Latino, nor Asian. When he meets Bubba Yablonsky, the biggest white man he’s ever seen, at a subway station in Harlem, he knows something’s up. Then Bubba opens fire at an innocent rat before offering Hootie money and a place to live. But what’s the catch? And what else – or who else – has Bubba shot?

Booklist: “Solomita gets this tense, gritty cops-and-robbers drama just right. For aficionados of classic noir, there’s blood, guns, drugs, a disturbing portrayal of New York’s seedy underbelly, and, of course, that overwhelming sense of impending doom.”

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Mercy Killing (2009)

9780727868534When Detective Lenny Shaw is called to an address in one of New York’s most affluent neighbourhoods, he knows this won’t be a run of the mill case. Joyce Hauptman died suddenly after suffering a long-term chronic illness. She has been in a vegative state, however, the death investigator suspects she didn’t die from natural causes. Her husband, Charles, is the obvious suspect, especially when it is revealed he stands to inherit $20 million. But Lenny quickly discovers that it isn’t going to be that simple. As the evidence mounts, Charles maintains his innocence, but the corrupting influence of his powerful father-in-law soon comes into play, leading to a conclusion that is both violent and shocking.

Kirkus Reviews: “It’s so seldom that a good jolt of noir enlivens a classic whodunit that Solomita deserves full marks for a successful melding.”

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Angel Face (2011)


Angel Tamanaka is a beautiful young prostitute working for an escort agency in Manhattan. Leonard Carter is ex Special Forces and has been living off the grid ever since he returned from overseas to work as a hit man. Their two worlds collide when Angel witnesses Leonard executing one of her clients, a high-profile gangster, and they form an unusual alliance. For Angel’s client spoke to her of a cache of money before he died . . . but can they get to it before the gang tracks them down?

Booklist: “Top-notch, hard-boiled crime fiction.”

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Dancer in the Flames (2012)


The murder of a police officer reveals a world of corruption. When Detective Boots Littlewood’s regular bookie, Drago, reveals that the shooting of police officer Captain Christopher Palmer was no random killing but an organized hit in exchange for a lighter sentence, Boots is assigned to a task force to investigate with a new partner, Jill Kelly, and soon uncovers a trail of corruption that someone will do anything to protect . . .

Publishers Weekly: “Solomita seasons his tale with grit and gristle, and Boots deserves more than a one-shot appearance.”

Booklist: “Accomplished hard-boiled crime”

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The Striver (2014)


Teddy Winuk has it all going on. He’s young, ambitious, dedicated, ruthless and has a game plan, too. Yes, Teddy Winuk is on his way up, yet like all entrepreneurs, there are hurdles to overcome: a pair of New York detectives named Boots Littlewood and Crazy Jill Kelly. Funny thing about Jill and Boots. They just won’t give up.

Publishers Weekly: “Solomita delivers a thoroughly entertaining match of wits, brawn, and daring”

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