Editor’s Pick – Written in Red

9780727885951Congratulations to Annie Dalton, as publisher Kate has chosen WRITTEN IN RED, the second in her Oxford dogwalkers mystery series, as February’s Editor’s Pick:

“Annie Dalton is a well-known British children’s writer who has successfully made the transition to adult fiction with this engrossing new crime series featuring a trio of amateur detective dogwalkers. In WRITTEN IN RED, the second in the series, an Oxford professor is brutally attacked in his college rooms – and it turns out that he had a connection to Isadora, one of the dogwalkers, who knew him as an undergraduate in the 1960s. Isadora has been keeping a surprising secret all these years – a secret that has its roots in the Cold War and a 50-year-old murder.

Throughout this skilfully structured, absorbing read, the author maintains a nicely-honed balance between humour and darkness: scenes of violence and disturbing revelations are cunningly interspersed with episodes of cosy domesticity. The intriguingly complex plotline drew me in from the outset, and throughout I was kept gripped by the gradual unfurling of various carefully-guarded secrets and unexpected revelations. As a seasoned mystery reader, there were a couple of particularly clever twists which I simply hadn’t seen coming!

Throw into the mix a gorgeously-realized Christmas Oxford setting, three very different but equally engaging female sleuths and plenty of endearing canine antics for all the dog enthusiasts out there, and you have a compelling, intelligent and well-crafted read which I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good mystery.”

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