Charles Paris Returns

We are very excited to announce that Charles Paris, as voiced by Bill Nighy, will be returning to UK radio waves on Wednesday 9th March at 11.30am.


Simon Brett, OBE

Listeners to BBC Radio 4 will be able to catch up with the latest adventures of Simon Brett‘s beloved actor-sleuth.

9781780290447A DECENT INTERVAL sees Charles Paris return to acting after a long period of ‘resting’ and life seems to be looking up, as he has been cast in a touring production of Hamlet.

But rehearsals are fraught. With the cast a mixture of reality television wannabes and experienced actors, tension runs high.

When the company reach the first staging post of their tour matters get more serious, with one member of the company seriously injured in what appears to be an accident, and another dead.

Once again, Charles Paris is forced to don the mantle of amateur detective to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Catch up with the earlier Charles Paris episodes here.


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