Cozy catch up – Cathy Ace


Cathy Ace

Welsh-Canadian author Cathy Ace has not been resting on her laurels. She has leapt into action this month with not one but THREE guest blog posts.

Firstly, something for the weekend. If you fancy whipping up some delicious baked treats, head over to Mystery Lovers Kitchen and investigate Cathy’s recipe for Welsh cakes. If you’ve never tried them before, now is the time!

Next, you can spend A Day in the Life of Annie Parker, one of Cathy’s lead characters from her WISE Enquiries Agency series. The first two cases for the agency, The Case of the Dotty Dowager and The Case of the Missing Morris Dancer are both available now.

Finally, you can expect an upcoming post from Cathy on Drinks with Reads from Mystery Playground. The perfect way to round off the week!

Happy reading!

M x


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