Editor’s Pick – The Night Wanderer

Emma has chosen THE NIGHT WANDERER by Alys Clare:

9780727885845“When a body appears in Aelf Fen, apprentice healer Lassair is skeptical of the verdict that this was a wild animal attack. As more bodies are discovered, fear spreads through the town that the legendary demon, the Night Wanderer, has returned. The victims each have their throats torn out and their bodies mutilated by large wounds. Determined to prove the culprit is human, Lassair and lawman Jack Chevestrier investigate, putting Lassair right into the killer’s path.

Alys Clare expertly combines a thrilling murder investigation with the mysticism of medieval England in the delightfully gripping new instalment in the Aelf Fen mysteries. The Night Wanderer is exhilarating and magical, transporting the reader back to eleventh century Cambridge, a city where demons stalk the streets and murderers lurk in the darkness. I was engrossed from the very first page, swept along with Lassair and Jack’s intuitive investigation, and would definitely recommend this title to anyone wanting a historical mystery with an unusual twist.”

“Clare deftly combines a vexing mystery with paranormal activity and earthly romance” – Kirkus Reviews

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