Editor’s Pick – Cold Florida

The final Editor’s Pick of 2015 comes from Emma, who has chosen Phillip DePoy’s COLD FLORIDA as her December title.

Emma said:

ISBN 9780727885753 Request a NetGalley ARC here

“Former car thief turned child protection agent, Foggy Moscowitz is the unlikeliest of sleuths in the first of this brand new noir mystery series. Hunting for a rogue mother and her child, Foggy must navigate through the seedy backstreets of 1970s Florida to the Seminole swampland, to retrieve a desperately sick child in a race against time. But it’s not just the Seminole tribe who want the infant. As he educates himself in Seminole ways, engaging in vision questions and spiritual discovery, Foggy must discover the importance of the child before it’s too late.

This book oozes with action and sarcastic humour. Foggy is a hugely endearing character – when he’s not using forks to fend off assailants – and, despite his felonious past, I found myself rooting for him throughout the book. A hugely satisfying read that I would recommend to anyone looking for an amusing, yet entirely thrilling, mystery for the winter season.”


Is that you, Santa Claus?

As we head closer to Christmas, have you ever wondered what Santa reads on his long commute from the North Pole? Author Michael Wiley thinks he’s worked it out:

“What they’re reading as they fly over the North Pole”

North Pole

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