Editor’s Pick – Blood Tracks

ISBN 9780727885678

ISBN 9780727885678

Everything is shiny and new this month; publisher Kate has chosen BLOOD TRACKS, the first in a new series by new to Severn House author Matt Hilton. 

Kate said:

“We are delighted to welcome to the Severn House list Matt Hilton, author of the bestselling Joe Hunter thrillers, with BLOOD TRACKS, the first in a brand-new series, introducing an engagingly mismatched, bickering pair of sleuths in private investigator Tess Grey and laidback Southern renegade ex-con Nicolas Villere, known to all as Po. When she accepts a commission to track down state witness Crawford Wynne, Tess knows that Po is the only one who can help her in hunting Wynne through the bars and bayous of rural Louisiana. But when events take a decidedly sinister turn and the pair realize they are not the only ones on Wynne’s trail, one thing becomes increasingly clear: if they don’t cover each other’s backs, they are both going to die.

A pacy and suspenseful chase thriller, crammed to the brim with tense and exciting action scenes, and introducing a pair of bone-chillingly nasty villains in the sadistic Suarez brothers, BLOOD TRACKS had me glued to the page from the outset. The author himself worked for 22 years in private security and the police force, and is a 4th Dan blackbelt: as a result his violent action sequences crackle with tension and authenticity. I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for an eventful, gripping, action-packed thriller in the vein of Lee Child or Chris Ryan.”


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