The Alex Duggins Cotswolds mystery series

Cameron, Stella

Stella Cameron

If you haven’t heard already, here’s the scoop: New York Times bestseller Stella Cameron, author of over forty romance novels, has come over to the dark side.

Stella now writes the Alex Duggins mystery series; and you’re going to love it.

Set in England’s beautiful Cotswolds, the books follow Alex as she returns to her picturesque hometown of Folly-on-Weir to start afresh after the breakdown of her marriage. But slipping back into the routine of rural life isn’t as simple as Alex hopes, and she soon finds out that the countryside has its own brand of murderous mayhem…

Available now. ISBN 9781780290713

Click to read an extract.

Series opener Folly received praise from all quarters, with fellow NYT bestseller Jayne Ann Krentz calling Folly “Fast-paced, edgy, and wonderfully atmospheric”, while Booklist had this to say:

A fearless, feisty heroine, a touch of romance, and an intriguing look at English village life, combined with taut suspense and unexpected twists, transform what starts out looking like a British village cozy into a mesmerizing, knuckle-whitening thriller. A top-notch blending of subgenres, much in the manner of Louise Penny” – Booklist on Folly


ISBN 9781780290782

Second in the series, Out Comes the Evil will be available in hardback and eBook from December 1. In this latest installment, a body is discovered in a disused well among the ruins of a 14th-century manor house, with the motive for the killing a baffling mystery. The victim was a widow who had lived quietly in Folly-on-Weir for the past ten years. Who on earth could want her dead, and by such brutal means?

As rumour and speculation engulf the town, another woman is attacked – and Alex discovers that behind a tranquil face lurks a cunning and vengeful mind. Despite warnings from the police to stop interfering, she finds herself in the sights of a ruthless killer who has decided she knows too much …

An engrossing series from a talented author, who has deftly combined murder most foul with one of the UK’s most outstanding areas of natural beauty.

Be warned – we may be in a village, but cozy this is not! 

To find out more, listen to an interview with Stella or read what publisher Kate had to say in her editorial on Out Comes the Evil.


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