Louise’s Chance by Sarah R. Shaber

Fresh from a glorious weekend as Bouchercon Local Guest of Honour in her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, Sarah R. Shaber has a new book out.

ISBN 9780727885524.

ISBN 9780727885524.

Louise’s Chance, the fifth in the Louise Pearlie WWII historical mystery series, follows Louise, a young widow, who works in Washington DC as a clerk for the legendary Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA. In this latest installment, Louise tackles a new and demanding task; recruiting German prisoners-of-war for a secret mission inside Nazi Germany. It’s a big chance for her, and Louise hopes she can finally escape her filing and typing duties.

From the start, her mission is beset by complications. Only one of the prisoners speaks English, the army officer in charge of the camp is an alcoholic and two prisoners disappeared on the ship bringing the Germans to the States. Were their deaths suicide? Officially, yes. But Louise can’t help but have her doubts . . .

Louise’s Chance is available now in the UK, and in the US and in ebook on January 1. Pre-order here.

DID YOU KNOW – Sarah carries a copy of the American Constitution in her purse.

The other titles in the Louise Pearlie series are all available in ebook. Click on the jacket below to read the opening chapters of first in the series, Louise’s War.


The first in the series – click to read an extract


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