Two for Thursday – The Puzzly

We are sending Big Thursday Thanks to the Puzzle Doctor, who has chosen The Herald of Hell by Paul Doherty as the winner of the Puzzly accolade for September.

ISBN 9781780290799

ISBN 9781780290799

Explaining his choice, he writes of The Herald of Hell: “Brother Athelstan is back in one of my absolutely favourite series from one of my absolutely favourite authors and it’s one of the finest books in the series.”

“It would have been very easy to turn the tale into an historical story about the Revolt, but Paul never forgets that the reader is looking for a clever mystery and that is exactly what he delivers. As usual. . .Needless to say, this is Highly Recommended, as is the rest of the series.”

Read the full review here.

ISBN 9780727885418

ISBN 9780727885418

We are particularly delighted, as August’s Puzzly was awarded to another Severn House book, The Chessman by Dolores Gordon-Smith.

Of The Chessman, he writes: “The Chessman is the latest from Severn House and it’s an absolute cracker – very reminiscent of the Golden Age while still feeling original.”

“It’s a clever game that the author plays here and I absolutely loved it.”

Read the full review here.


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