Editor’s Pick – Death on Demand


Jim Kelly

This month’s Editor’s Pick is DEATH ON DEMAND by Jim Kelly. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Kelly’s Shaw and Valentine police procedurals or new to the books, DEATH ON DEMAND is not to be missed. Here’s why:

Kate said:   9781780290775

“This is the sixth expertly-crafted crime novel to feature that fascinatingly mismatched pair of detectives, DI Peter Shaw and his partner DS George Valentine, with their very different outlooks and modus operandi.  Beginning with an elaborate modern reworking of the classic locked room mystery and expanding from there to incorporate a number of ingeniously interwoven plotlines, DEATH ON DEMAND forms an intriguing, multi-layered puzzle which held me spellbound from the outset.  The complex, intelligent plot is underpinned by the richly-detailed, atmospheric backdrop: the starkly beautiful North Norfolk coastline playing almost as big a role as the main protagonists themselves.  If you haven’t read Jim Kelly before, this is a very good one to start with.”


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