Friends in High Places

At Severn House, we have a range of great historical fiction authors. With Paul Doherty and Jeri Westerson writing medieval mysteries, Fiona Buckley and Kathy Lynn Emerson featuring Tudor and Elizabethan puzzles, and Barbara Hambly exploring 1830s New Orleans, there is a story to suit every history buff. 9780727885050

But if the Victorians are your area of interest, then the Liberty Lane mystery series needs to be added to your To Be Read pile. The latest in the series, Friends in High Places, is available now. Here’s a sneak peak:

September, 1840. A body is discovered hanging in the attic at Gore House, Kensington home of Lady Blessington. Uncovering evidence that the murder was meticulously prepared for and planned well in advance, Liberty Lane finds herself plunged into a highly dangerous game involving blackmail, treachery, espionage – and cold-blooded murder.

In their starred review of Friends in High Places, Publishers Weekly had this to say:

“A crackerjack plot and engaging characters make Peacock’s seventh Liberty Lane mystery . . . her best yet. […] Peacock . . . makes the political intrigue of the period feel immediate”

Read the full review

If you would like to learn more about Liberty Lane and her latest mystery, click here for Caro’s feature in upcoming4me.


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