Thrills and Chills – Cool off with our summer reading

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Greetings summer readers! To make your life easier this season, we have put together a list of our top six summer reads to suit all tastes.

Why have we bothered to do this? Because we care, that’s why. Because we know that summer is a wonderful time, but that it can also be hot and sweaty and stressful, and that your reading time is to be cherished. So go ahead and explore our recommendations for the best reads this summer:

If you want a laugh:9781780290744


After attending the funeral of the rich and respected Sir Normington Winthrop, because his is one of the names in the little black book bequeathed to her by her late husband, Mrs Pargeter sets out to discover the connection between the two men. Her investigations will draw her into a shady world of gun-runners, shifty politicians – and a kidnapped vicar.

FACT: Fans of the series have been kept waiting for Mrs Pargeter; this is her first adventure for seventeen years!

9780727884992 If you love romance, with a little drama:

 TRUST ME by Claire Lorrimer

It was love at first sight for Antonia ‘Toni’ Ward and her fiancé, Justin Metcalfe, but jealousy threatens to tear them apart. Can Justin really be trusted? And what about Aaron Osborn? Toni may only see him as a friend, but he desperately wants to take Justin’s place – and will stop at nothing in his attempts to make Toni his own . . .

FACT: Claire Lorrimer is still writing gripping romance novels at the age of 94.

If you enjoy a little espionage:

DISPOSABLE ASSET by John Altman9780727885098

Having completed her mission to silence an agency defector, CIA operative Cassie Bradbury finds herself cut adrift in Moscow, with no documents, no tickets and no identification. Hot on her trail are the Kremlin, the Russian Mafia, and Sean Ravensdale, the disgraced ex-CIA agent who’s been sent to track her down.

FACT: Author John Altman has visited every continent, including Antarctica.

If you have a strong stomach:

 PLAGUE OF THE MANITOU by Graham Masterton9780727884923

Virus expert Anna Grey wonders if she’s going mad when she hears a corpse whisper: ‘Get it out of me.’ There is no such thing as demons, she tells herself. But cynical fortune-teller Harry Erskine knows otherwise and a series of disturbing events are forcing him from his Miami home towards Anna, who as yet has little idea of the evil she is facing.

FACT: The first in this series, The Manitou, was made into a film starring Tony Curtis as Harry Erskine.

If you like supernatural thrills:

PYROPHOBIA by Jack Lance9780727884909

Life is smooth sailing for Jason Evans, until an unknown enemy sends him a strange photograph of a graveyard, with an ominous message: ‘You are dead. You think you’re alive, but you don’t exist.’ Jason soon finds out that his life is not what he has always believed it to be, and he embarks on an incredible search. A search for his own grave . . .

FACT: Jack Lance has been described as ‘the Dutch Stephen King’.

For the history buff:

 WHEN SOMEBODY KILLS YOU9780727885166 by Robert J. Randisi

Somebody has put an open contract out on Eddie G – and pros and amateurs alike are queuing up to have a shot. When Frank Sinatra asks Eddie to go to LA to help his friend Judy Garland, Eddie seizes the chance. The contract follows him. While doing his best to stay alive, Eddie must also solve Judy’s problem of a possible blackmailer.

FACT: Robert J. Randisi was the creator of The Shamus Award, which is awarded by the Private Eye Writers of America for the best detective fiction genre novels and short stories of the year.


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