Editor’s Pick – Heads or Hearts

Available 30th April (UK) and August 1st (US and eBook)

Available 30th April (UK) and August 1st (US and eBook)

April has been an incredibly competitive month, with new series entries from Adrian Magson, Chris Nickson and Clea Simon, and the revival of the much-loved Mrs Pargeter series from Simon Brett. But in the end, only one book can be lauded as the Editor’s Pick, and this month the title was stolen away by another much-anticipated series revival; HEADS OR HEARTS, a Quint Dalrymple mystery from Paul Johnston.

Here’s what Kate had to say:

After a gap of fourteen years, we’re delighted to announce the return of Quint Dalrymple, Paul Johnston’s wisecracking, maverick ex-cop who operates in a futuristic independent Edinburgh. Both an intriguing murder mystery and an incisive political satire, the dystopian setting of HEADS OR HEARTS has been given an added resonance since last year’s Scottish referendum – and the very real possibility that Scotland might leave the United Kingdom before the end of the decade. With his richly detailed vision of what an independent Scotland might become, Johnston has created an intricately imagined world which comes across as being all-too chillingly plausible, as the independent-minded Quint struggles to pursue an investigation in which conspiracies abound and reliable information is hard to come by.


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